Event Agenda

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Day 1 - ( Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017 ) Day : 1
Time Topic
08:00 AM Registration, Breakfast and Networking
09:00 AM Keynote : Leaders and Leadership
09:30 AM
Modern Perspectives on CEO’s, C-Level Executives and Leaders, Leadership Styles in the Changing World

  • Why the Previous Leadership strategies are not applicable to go into the future?
  • Modern Perspectives on CEO’s and Leaders, Leadership Styles in an era of Changing World
  • Empowering Transformational Digital Leadership (in and for the Organization) 
  • Building Capabilities for Competitiveness (of the Organization)
  • Leaders and Leadership in the modern era of knowledge and digital economy
  • Leaders in the Era of Responsibility (merit, specialty, location and position, tasks and responsibilities)
  • Leaders Courage (the impact of courage on critical decision making in the era of responsibility)
11:00 AM Coffee Break and Networking
11:30 AM
Preparing The Next Generation of CEO's, 2nd Line CEO’s and C- Level Executives Leaders

  • The Future: Young C-Level Executives and Leaders, continuous flow
  • Developing the Young C-Level Executives and Leaders, to ensure continuous flow of leaders 
  • Empowering the Young to Understand the Merits of Followership and Leadership
  • 2nd Line CEO’s, and Executives leaders, leadership demographics in the Era of Responsibility  
  • Selection Strategies in the Era of Responsibility  
  • Leadership Sustainability and Transition strategies to transfer to 1st Line of Leadership 
  • Merit and Courage in the Era of Global Competitiveness
  • Innovation, Creativity and Strategic leadership
12:30 PM
CEO’s and Leaders, Leadership Sustainability and Transition Strategies to Leadership Role Models

  • CEO’s and Leaders Vision Towards Leadership Role Models (L.R.M)
  • Leadership Sustainability in the Era of Global Competitiveness
  • CEO’s and Leaders Strategies for Transitioning to Leadership Role Models (L.R.M)
01:00 PM Honoring Winners of the 14th Middle East CEO Excellence Awards
01:30 PM Winners Photo Sessions and Media Interviews
02:00 PM Lunch and End of Awards Ceremony
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