Event Agenda

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Day 1 - ( Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018 ) Day : 12
Time Topic
08:00 AM Registration and Leaders Networking
09:00 AM Envisioning the 5th Generation of Airports
  • Managing the Transformation Strategies Towards the Future 
  • Green Airports – Building Tomorrow’s Airports 
  • Airports Innovation and Creativity Governance
  • Airports and Stakeholders Integrated Services
  • Airports and Stakeholders Responsibilities Map
  • Airports Foreign Direct Investments
10:00 AM TBA
11:00 AM Coffee Break and Networking
11:30 AM Batteries vs. Jet Fuel (Electric Aircraft – The Future Of Aviation Or Just Wishful Thinking?)
12:00 PM Remote Virtual Tower – Rethinking the Airport Tower
12:30 PM TBA
01:00 PM TBA
01:30 PM In-Flight Catering Quality Control System and Food Safety and Security
02:00 PM Lunch and End of Day 1
Day 2 - ( Thursday, Dec 13, 2018 ) Day : 12
Time Topic
08:00 AM Registration, Breakfast and Leaders Networking
09:00 AM Smart Airports and Stakeholders Technology Innovation
  • The Smart Airports in the Era of Smart Cities – Building the Criteria Index   
  • Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (VS.) Traditional Technologies in Tomorrow’s Airport
  • Integrating, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and IoT Technologies in Airports Existent Systems 
  • Open Data (VS.) Closed and Locked Data - How to Use the Big Data to Drive The Knowledge based Airports
  • Strategic Framework for Airport’s Cyber Security - Building the Next Generation of Safe Smart Airport
10:00 AM DEBATE: Future Challenges for Hub-Airports
  • Future Challenges for Airports-HUBS in the Era of Powerful Air Crafts  
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Small and Emerging Airports in the 21st Century
  • Growth Issues and Challenges for Airport Investment
Global and in House Challenges Effects on Airports
  • Global Oil Prices Effects 
  • Airlines and Airports Changing Business Model 
  • Challenges Facing Travel Agencies in the Era of Internet Connected World
  • Regional Airport Services VS. Global Airport Services
  • Regional Airport in House Challenges VS. Global Airport in House Challenges

11:00 AM Coffee Break and Business Networking
11:30 AM TBA
12:00 PM TBA
12:30 PM Integrated Services - Airports and Stakeholders Customer Care Excellence
  • Airports and Stakeholders Services Integration and Development Strategies
  • Customer Care Excellence Innovation and Creativity and Governance
  • What passengers want:Greater Personal Control of the Airport Process
  • The Global Direction: A more Seamless Customer Experiences

Automation - Airports and Stakeholders Customer Self- Services

  • Customer Self- Services Automation Creativity and Governance
  • Facing the challenges and the needs of increasing travelers
01:00 PM Airports Future Jobs That Not Yet Exist vs. Disappearing Old Jobs
  • Airports HR. Strategies to Transfer from Past to New Positions and Job
  • Preparing Airports to Face the Challenges Related to Transformation 
  • Transforming Airports HR for a Digital Future and Jobs that Don't Yet Exist 
  • Preparing Airports HR for Jobs that Don't Exist Yet and Jobs that Needs to be Redefined
  • Airports Organizational Knowledge Transfer Strategy to the Next Generation
  • Airports Talent Management Strategies
01:30 PM Announcing the Winners of the Middle East Airports and Strategic Stakeholders Excellence Awards
02:00 PM Lunch, End of Awards Ceremony and the Conference
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