Event Agenda

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Day 1 - ( Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021 ) Day : 12
Time Topic
08:00 AM Registration, Breakfast and Leaders Networking 
09:00 AM Keynote: Who Should be Today’s and Tomorrow’s City Mayors
10:00 AM Panel Discussion:

Today’s and Tomorrow’s Cities and Municipalities Governance

  • Governance and Transparency
  • Challenges of Sustainable Municipalities and what to do to remain sustainable
  • Challenges in Providing Global Competitive Disaster Risk Prevention

Tomorrow’s Cities and Municipalities Services Privatization 
  • Municipalities Services in the Era of Privatizations
  • Municipalities Services Privatizations Strategies
  • Municipalities Services Privatizations Governance

GCC 2030 Challenges in Smart Cities, Provinces and Urban Neighborhood 

  • Quality and healthy Water and Energy
  • Safe and Competitive Roads and Transportation System
  • Advanced and Global Competitive Health Care system
  • Schools and City Quality Education to create A sustainable cities with knowledge able citizens
11:00 AM Coffee Break and Networking 
11:30 AM City's Food and Drink Safety Standards and Community Health Governance and Standards

Healthy Cities Between Dreams and Reality

  • Authorities Challenges
  • Governance Strategies and Global Healthy Cities Competitiveness Criteria
12:30 PM Police and Municipalities Mega Challenges in Today’s and Tomorrow’s Cities
  • Safe and Secured City Governance in the Era of Globalization and Smart Cities
  • Citizen Engagement, Partnership for Safe and Secured Knowledge Based Cities
  • Citizen Engagement Portals and Contents Quality Standard
  • Mobile and Modernizing application: Driving change in services delivery
  • How to Strengthen the Citizen’s Power of Trust and Reliability on Municipalities and Police Services

Challenges to Prevent the Fatal and Horrific Traffic Accidents

  • Safe and Secured Roads
  • Total People Involvement (TPI) and Effective engagement to help

Challenges to Prevent Fire in Cities and Up-grading the Public Safety Strategies

  • Realistic designs for fire prevention in the construction industry
  • Towers and High rise building fire and smart architectural designing
  • Fire safety engineering & interface management
  • Strict emphasis on safety codes, inculcating highly advanced integrated systems and practices
  • Testing performance criteria of components such as fire doors and windows and used materials
  • Transforming the current fire protection systems into pro-active systems
  • Developing futuristic plans for establishing agile architectural designs
02:00 PM Lunch and End of Day 1
Day 2 - ( Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021 ) Day : 12
Time Topic
07:30 AM Registration, Breakfast and Leaders Networking 
09:00 AM City’s New Look Via Latest Engineering Innovations 
  • Global Competitive City Infrastructure Development
  • Global Engineering Innovations and the GCC Challenges

Mega Cities are Overtaking Traditional Cities and the World is Becoming Increasingly Urbanized

  • Challenges from the impact of the global transformation on societies 
  • Growing threats to social stability and societal relationships in the era of global technology

Strategies to Transform Province’s and Urban Neighborhood to Innovative Cities and Municipality

  • Transforming the Province’s and Urban Neighborhood to Knowledge Based Cities
  • Empowering urban neighborhood economically, technologically and developing the contents policy
  • Citizen Engagement via Online Social Media and Measurement framework for monitoring the ROI 

Municipalities Role in Cities' Innovation and Capabilities Development

  • Innovative Cities and Municipalities and Meeting the innovation challenge
  • Deploying innovative governance
  • Encouraging innovative companies and rewarding the best innovation
09:45 AM Transforming City Governments : Smart Citizen, Smart Municipality, Creates Smart Cities

  • How will City Authorities set their objectives for Smart Cities and measure progress?
  • What risks are there in moving to Smart City services and how can these be managed?
  • How can cities create the shared understanding to deliver the vision?
  • Cities and Municipalities in the era of Smart Cities
  • The Impact on Cities and Communities

Smart Municipalities Customer Excellence - To Provide Better Customer Service, Ask for Feedback

  • Customer Excellence governance and Simplification Strategies Frame Work
  • Innovative Cities and Municipalities - Meeting the Customer Excellence through innovation
  • Developing smart services knowledge perspective of GCC citizens and businesses
  • The forecast of using Municipalities smart services by citizens and businesses
  • Pushed Municipalities smart Services vs. Pulled smart Services: where to go

Smart Municipalities Shared Services in the era of Smart City

  • Improving Municipalities service for shared services
  • Do we need Municipalities call centers in the era of smart government
  • Why we do need Municipalities call centers if we have connected communities
  • Successful smart cities and government vs. government call centers
  • Smart Municipalities Services Fees Structure to Enable the Smart Services Flow

Suggested Smart Devices for Providing Smart Services
  • New and innovative Municipalities smart services delivery tools and technologies
  • Connecting people and business with the Smart Municipalities Services Portal
  • Suggested Devices for providing SmartMunicipalities Services
10:30 AM Municipality Smart City Cloud Computing and Security

  • Cloud architecture: Design and Benefits
  • How Systems, Storage, Networks, Applications and Databases work in the cloud
  • Availability/Recovery in the cloud
  • Developing applications for the cloud (including mobile applications)
  • Application management in the cloud (applications performance management)
  • Integrating/migrating existing applications to the cloud
  • Availability/recovery in the cloud
  • Facing the threats and protecting the data
  • Governmental concerns about cloud security
  • Government security standards (Fedramp, etc.)
  • How cloud security works
  • Government data privacy, protections and security challenges and solutions

Global Municipalities Big Data Management in the Era of Smart City

  • Open Data
  • Security
  • sGov Services
11:00 AM Coffee Break and Networking
11:30 AM Keynote: The Future of Global Water and Rivers

  • Climate Change and Water Sustainability
  • World’s Top Challenges

Water and Urban Development Paradigms

  • Water Distribution Networks
  • Challenges for Cities Going Green - Water Mining

Innovation and New Technologies in Water Supply

  • Key Trends and Issues Confronting the Sustainable Accessibility of Clean Water
  • Innovative Biological Waste Water Treatment
  • Sustainable Sanitation: Positive Approach to Water and Sanitation Facility Utilization & Hygienic Practices

The Future of GCC Dams and Water

  • Dams in an Era of Climate Change
  • The Benefits of Dams to the GCC Society
  • Importance of Clean and Safe Water to a More Sustainable Water Management in the GCC Countries
  • Improving Water Efficiency in the Various Water Supply and Consumption Sectors

Dams and Its Role

  • Methods of Analysis and Design of Dams and Safety
  • Major Issues in Sustainable Management of Finite Water Resources
  • Big Dams: Pros and Cons, and the Consequences

Record-breaking Innovations in Dam Construction 
  • The most Significant Contributions to the Dam Construction Technology in Recent Years
  • Modelling and Testing, New Materials for Dams
12:30 PM Clean and Green Cities Between Dreams and Reality - Global Climate Changes
  • Global Clean Cities Competitiveness Criteria
  • Global Green Cities Competitiveness Criteria
  • GCC Green Cities and 45+ Degree Challenges
  • Global Climate changes and the Municipality Challenges
01:30 PM Announcing the 6th Middle East Municipalities and Smart Cities Excellence Awards Winners
01:45 PM Group Photo Sessions and Winners Media Interviews
01:50 PM Lunch and End of Awards Ceremony and the Conference
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