Globalization and identity are the most important forces shaping our time. Both elements are considered together as both receive the other´s influence. UAE is enjoying a period of unparalleled prosperity, with exceptional economic progress being evident in the increasing standard of living of its people. Major advances in economic, human and social developments continue to occur. Despite rapid economic and social gains UAE has maintained its cultural and traditional values. A country’s culture is the dynamic reservoir of the ways of thinking and doing accumulated over time, which has come to be agreed upon and transmitted across generations. Culture is crucial for giving people a sense of identity and belonging that gives meaning to efforts to reconstruct our nation. This is central to our social and economic renewal whilst we progress towards developed country status.

Datamatix is pleased to announce the UAE Nation's Identity and Culture in the Year 2030 Conference. By shedding light on the future, the Summit illuminates key issues affecting national identity and culture of UAE and exchange views on ways to strengthen and enhance it. The event aims to present the close interconnectedness of the issues of identity and globalization and the uneven and contradictory impact that the former has on the latter. It aspires to explore the Cultural challenges addressing modernization and preservation of tradition, with a future view about the Nation’s identity and Culture in 2030 and transforming UAE into an advanced country by 2030, capable of sustaining its own development and providing for a high standard of living for its entire people for generations to come.

The Summit will also draw attention to the Countries Master Plan and road map beyond 2030 and how it is aligned with the principles of Vision 2030 while preserving UAE’s national identity, culture. It will also discuss about the role of Schools, Universities and Educational Institutions as pillars of UAE that will create and uphold a long lasting National Identity and discuss the needs of the 2030 UAE generation. The event would also highlight the lessons learned from the global histories and emphasize on the development of a balanced nation.

Conference Mission Statement

The main mission of this conference is to focus on the prevalent scenario and monitor UAE's progress as a nation in terms of cultural development and reputation it has imbibed on the minds of the people globally. It will also stress on evolving strategies that can be constructive in preserving the nation’s culture identity by the year 2030. The conference will witness the participation of cultural heads, leaders, speakers and experienced people having in depth knowledge about religion, ethics, heritage and culture in UAE. 


The conference will witness the participation of countries leaders, researchers, speakers, young citizens from institutions and universities etc. Followed by the mass congregation, the well-known experts who been globally acknowledged will also mark their presence in this event and they will share their views on ethics, cultural aspects, influence of other cultures on people in UAE and what approach can be evolved to preserve the cultural essence of UAE by the year 2030.

Why should you attend?

This conference will provide participants with in depth knowledge on UAE’s rich culture, values, traditions, ethics and values. For the enthusiasts and learners, this conference is going to act as the unified platform where they will get an opportunity to meet and engage with the knowledgeable speakers and experts from the Gulf region.

The participants by attending this conference will understand the value of following their culture and traditions and how their efforts can be instrumental in positioning UAE’s cultural identity on the world map by 2030.   

Event Speakers
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