In the current era of globalization and with the upcoming spate of future challenges, it has become inevitable for every city in the world to develop smart architectural designs that could easily accommodate its growing population and make the transport mobility flawless in every aspect. The World Architecture Firms Summit in Dubai presented by Datamatix is one such platform where the architects, engineers and real estate developers of distinguished grades will get an opportunity to congregate under one roof and discuss about preparing a strong blueprint of versatile solutions that in the long term could prove to be the conducive source for coping up with future course of challenges. This global conference will be attended by the CEOs, engineers, expert groups, real estate developers, lecturers and students pursuing the management studies.

Conference Mission Statement

The mission of this Conference will be to throw floodlight on the emerging strategies for developing agile architectural designs and espousing progressive techniques for evolving new trends of development in the architecture and real estate sector. 

Architect's and Engineer's Participation

Every individual participating in this architecture firms summit will get a chance to present its vision on ‘Building the Future Cities’ and involve and network with the famous speakers who have embraced life time achievements in the field of real estate development and architectural designing. 

Who Will Attend?

  • CEOs and Managing Directors 
  • Experts from Real Estate Sector
  • Experienced Engineers 
  • Smart Government Leaders 
  • Managers from Reputed Real Estate Groups 

Why Should you Attend?

Exchange of ideas, gaining pragmatic knowledge on construction techniques, discussion session on adoption of smart architectural designs and adopting pro-active technology for developing sophisticated buildings of various gradations will be amongst some of the facets of this conference which will be highlighted to understand the basics as well as pros and cons of Real Estate sector. Right from management students to entrepreneurs of well-established organizations to professionals working in different business sectors, an opportunity to retain peerless information on architecture can exclusively be explored at the World Architecture Firms Summit in Dubai. 

Event Speakers
To be announced soon...
Event Sponsors
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