The rapid stretch of globalization has revised the perception of environmental planning and development owing to the dynamic leverage in the municipality and town development progress that is fundamental for the growth of the citizens and the region. Under such circumstances, a successful collaborative planning and cooperation of all sectors will provide a healthy social ecology and a sustainable economy.

Datamatix proudly presents the ‘7th GCC Municipalities and Safe Smart Cities Conference’ aspiring to bridge the gaps and locate the loopholes that influence the infrastructural development and discuss the rare opportunities igniting global competitiveness.

The conference aims to gather community leaders and policy makers to promote the initiatives for socio-environmental vulnerability, disaster management, and infrastructural development and strive to formulate a globally competent community, country, and region.

Conference Mission Statement

The mission of ‘7th GCC Municipalities and Safe Smart Cities Conference’ is to bring changes in the civic management structure of municipalities and upgrade the current infrastructure of the cities. The demographics of the cities are transforming at such a fast rate that it becomes vital for the municipalities to upgrade the prevailing city management model and develop a strategy to cope up with the future challenges. 

Who will attend?

The conference will be attended by executives, decision-makers and key policy makers from government organizations including:

  • Government Officials and Representatives
  • Municipality Management and Executive Board
  • CEOs Chairmen and Managing Directors
  • Urban Planning and Project Development Officers
  • Relationship Management Directors
  • Public Safety and Transportation Officers
  • Operations and Logistics Managers
  • Contract Managers and Procurement Officers
  • Finance Managers, Supply Officers and Investment Heads
  • Infrastructure Architects and Environmentalists
  • Strategic Planning Directors
  • Frontline Leaders and Top Executives
  • Academia and Researchers
  • C-Level Executives, Directors and Department Heads
  • And many more...

Why should you attend?

Being a supreme citizen of the GCC and an active participant of the conference, you can grasp a wide range of prospective strategies and discussions that guide you towards the driving forces for the improvement and development of the regional infrastructure and municipality. The event will focus on topics like; full-proof risk disaster management strategy, town planning strategies, recovery road maps, sustainable agriculture etc.

The event will present you an opportunity to propose and attain valuable knowledge regarding the existing challenges and upcoming development strategies through our expert speakers, who will unveil the future prospects and potential of the GCC municipality in rephrasing the face of the region and leading it towards regional and global excellence in this era of cut-throat global competitiveness.

Event Speakers
To be announced soon...
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