Organizations worldwide, to emerge successful and stay competitive in a global economy, are depending more and more on Customer Care Excellence service centers, strategically created and maintained to catalyze an increased productivity and improved performance, along with identifying proven initiatives to lower costs and developing innovative avenues for value addition. This accelerated focus on Customer Service Centers thus brings them under constant and exacting pressure, to cater to the increasing demands of delivering services meeting the required quality standards, simultaneously with inducing a value addition much beyond cost reduction. To effectively uncover additional value building opportunities, there is an incessant need to make Shared Services Centers more relevant to the business and resolutely bound to the corporate goals, whereby it consciously distances itself from mere transaction processing, and moves on to play an integral role in hastening and enabling business growth.

Why to Attend the Conference?

  • Avail the benefit of expert opinions and advice from the regional and international decision makers
  • Contribute to the discussion on key issues and opportunities pertaining to your area
  • Excellent opportunity to speak and share your valuable experiences
  • Extend collaborative policies in improving the customer care excellence services
  • Gain access to highly insightful talks and presentations dwelling on the future trends
  • Gauge the successful implementation of customer service products in various organizations
  • Identify and acknowledge the best practices and achievements in global standardization
  • Learn more about creating a framework of customer care and integrated service excellence
  • Make known your best practices and elevate your organizational and leadership profile
  • Meet decision makers and senior government leaders
  • Showcasing best practices related to Customer Care Excellence
  • Significantly elevate to the next level, your organizational and leadership profile
  • Take advantage of networking with the senior leaders

Who will Attend?

  • CEOs, CFOs, CTOs/CIOs, VPs and Director Of Customer Service Dept. 
  • Director Strategic Planning Department 
  • Head Of Customer Service Section 
  • Head of Planning And Performance Evaluation 
  • Head Of Strategic Planning And Performance Management 
  • All Customer Services Departments Directors and Managers 
  • All Customer Care Excellence Related Executives and Leaders
  • Corporate Communications Managers Customer Affairs and Excellence Related Professionals

Event Speakers
  • Dr. Ahmad Tahlak
    Dr. Ahmad Tahlak
  • Dr. Usman Zafar
    Dr. Usman Zafar
    International Board Advisor | Public Speaker
  • Mr.Hussein Wehbe
    Mr.Hussein Wehbe
    the General Manager for the UAE at Aramex
  • Mr.Stephen Kishore
    Mr.Stephen Kishore
    Customer Excellence Director
  • Mr.Carlo Pignataro
    Mr.Carlo Pignataro
    Founder& Master Trainer
    S.S.E. Training Solutions
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