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First of all, We would like to appreciate the efforts of your Distinguished organization in developing the entrepreneurship ecosystem and supporting entrepreneurial digital development initiatives and future directions of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

In view of the importance of developing the pillars of digital transformation and the sustainable technological infrastructure of the small and medium enterprises sector and supporting the growth of emerging companies in order to bring about a qualitative shift in the idea of entrepreneurship and achieve the competitiveness of digital development, by developing innovative business models that contribute to achieving a competitive economy By implementing technological solutions that support the SME sector and emerging businesses.

On this occasion, Datamatix presents  the S.M.E Transformation Summit in Dubai, which discusses digital transformation strategies for small and medium enterprises and supporting innovative business projects, And systems to keep pace with the digital institutional transformation towards the application of integrated business practices that are more in line with administrative and institutional developments In the presence and participation of experts, investors and government officials. 

We hope on this occasion, the participation of leaders and executives from your organization, as the Summit is an important Summit for dialogue on the foundations of supporting digital institutional transformation, stimulating the growth of small and medium enterprises and linking start-ups with government organizations, investors and technological business incubators by keeping pace with the best investment practices of emerging business companies and building a sustainable knowledge economy. 

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