Conference Profile and Objectives

As global business, technology and beginning of new era in global market are emerging there is an immense necessity to match the new market trend with innovative business, customer relationship management & sales development strategy across all sectors.

Regardless the industry of an organization; In Current Market Situation Sales & Marketing is key to sustainable Growth, Profit &Revenue,however most organizations miss the critical elements in sales strategy which results in constant Diminishment of growth, profit & also the revenue. In such a situation Well Planned Strategies, Organized work culture will serve Remarkable growth in Sales &Productivity)

In this context Datamatix in association with its partners with great presents one of the most Professional and significant Sales Force leaders gathering the Sales and Marketing Leader’s Summit which will be held on 26-27 November 2019.The summit is a professional platform to discuss and share the new era of organizational sales transformation strategies, governance policy and latest trends by providing strategic understanding of initiatives for the organizational leadership, also the events will be focusing on sales force development, understanding the market new trends, customers’ needs and the latest strategies for sales leaders to empower the organization’s sustainability, the event aspires to bring together the decision makers to discuss the path to maturity of organizational sales force developments.

With great willingness, we would like to take this opportunity to invite your organizations sales and marketing leaders and decision makers to attend this event, whilst endorsing your organizational success, values and augmenting the objective of establishing a fruitful relationship with the organizations and leaders at the event. The events would provide an unparalleled access to meet and develop collaborative partnerships with various organizations.

On this occasion, we are honored to welcome your esteemed organization to participate in the conference and play the important role of supporting the sales forces competitiveness. 

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