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We express our great appreciation for your great efforts towards developing innovative strategies that support organizational integration and lead the comprehensive transformation towards new horizons of providing innovative and sustainable services, and as we all know the year 2020 was full of challenges and transformations regionally and globally, as everyone followed the size of the global closure that occurred and the strategies of the organizations of the GCC countries Gulf in dealing with the "Covid 19" pandemic, and facing the challenges of securing organizational business continuity regionally and internationally. 

In this context, Datamatix is honored to present the Sustainability Conference 2021 at March 31, 2021, in Dubai, which discusses strategies and dimensions for developing the pillars of organizational sustainability and identifying the latest global strategies and practices.

On this occasion, we are honored by the participation of your esteemed organization In the activities of this important event Based on the importance of the sustainable strategic role of your organization In the context of discussing sustainability strategies in the post-Covid-19 phase, the most important requirements for achieving sustainability of government administration and services, how to face the challenges of the next phase, and corporate governance strategies to improve the performance of organizations in the post-2020 era to achieve sustainability.

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