Conference Profile and Objectives

As we all know the region is looking forward in developing its ePayment systems to be able to refer as non-cash and paperless payment has made its way deep into economy growth and dependence. Innovative payment solutions are giving consumers more payment choices than ever, from secure EMV contact and contactless chip payments to mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and more, which has captured the great attention of all industries.

Business implementing it strategically can make most use of it in all sectors of the economy; the concerned authorities are taking steps to influence multimodal payments convergence to create a more seamless experience with e-commerce to achieve a sustainable economic growth.This conference will cover the reality, concerns and strategies of modern Electronic payments including Financial Technologies, EMV chip technology, mobile wallets, NFC, contactless, open transit systems and more. E-Payment strategy conference will cover the latest on all of these exciting technologies and an insight on the business opportunities they can unlock.

The experts will discuss the strategies about how a business can seize the opportunity to create a more secure, convenient and faster payments worldwide with innovative E-payments solutions. The discussion will show how the major sectors of the economy are reinventing their services and creating new opportunities for startups and established industries to roadmap the business and economic growth.

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