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Conference Profile and Objectives

Datamatix, in cooperation with its regional and the global partners, the officials, the media, global financial institutions, and with the participation of corporate (s) and industry leaders and concerned organizations, present the UAE Corporate Taxes Summit, on February 28, 2022, in Dubai.

Corporate Taxes governance is one of the most important Finance Strategies that guarantees the continuity of resources government finance, and employing them in areas that achieve a return on strategic goals that support the development of community organisations, the conference discusses the mechanisms of managing the corporate Taxes governance strategy, and how Developing advanced systems that support governance, control and guidance at the organisational Taxes in an advanced vision that supports the development of organisational investment in all economic sectors, and apply the latest Taxes mechanisms, that support Taxes stimulus and development Governance Strategies Organisational Taxes in a way that enables organisations to be directed and monitored from during Adhere to the principles of financial responsibility, Taxes accountability, and strategic direction In this context, the conference will discuss the latest government administration policies and the vision of organisations in applying the latest corporate Taxes governance systems.

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