Conference Profile and Objectives

Food industry has surfaced as one of the most promising sectors in the GCC and has been rapidly growing over the past decade on the back of a flourishing economy, booming tourism, favorable demographics, rising urbanization and a sturdy rise in per capita income. The summit aims to discuss the future of GCC Food Industry, how to promote quality to drive innovation and manufacturing excellence and sustainable food production whilst highlighting GCC food industry future investment strategies and investments.

The event aspires to address GCC food safety modernization – building sustainability and quality assurance, the GCC fresh food market opportunities and challenges and GCC Governments’ role in GCC food industry whilst highlighting opportunities and challenges for the rise in natural and organic products thereby showcasing your commitment towards preserving food nutrition and quality in the region. The Summit provides a premier platform for knowledge exchange and peer-to- peer engagement as well as a central platform for the interchange of best cases and exceptional thinking whilst bringing together healthy food manufacturers, suppliers and food professionals in the region to discover and showcase their food industry’s best practices in catering to the nutritional needs of the citizens.

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