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We take this opportunity to thank your organization for the immense contributions made towards the development of the regions automobile sector and its customer care excellence competitiveness. As we all know, the region is witnessing a rapid growth in transportation megatrends projects which are changing the automobile sector landscape considerably. 

in the context of supporting the constructive efforts to develop a sustainable Automobile industry the face the challenges of the future in accordance with the highest international standards and strategic importance of the automobile sector.  

Datamatix with great pleasure presents “Middle East Automobile Industry Summit” which will be held on April 8, 2021 in Dubai, with the participation of experts.

On this great occasion, Datamatix would like to take this opportunity to request your organizations’ support by being one of the events “Strategic Partner” which will provide your organization an exciting opportunity to partner with regional and global leaders and organizations, the future of mobility and to keep on top of the latest challenges the potential solutions, that ensure the industry's value chain and to empower it with the future needs, exchange ideas on best practices thereby creating breakthrough solutions.   

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