Conference Profile and Objectives

Events Management industry is reshaping and realigning itself to emerge as an industry that imbibes strategic marketing and communication tools that can provide prospects to share knowledge, engage new audiences and raise an organization's profile. With the advent of various knowledge domains in managing risks and other marketing facets, the government event management strategies are going beyond the traditional conventions of event management. Event managers in the modern era have to be multifaceted with the knowledge of target market segment strategy and service analyses.

The conference aims at following up the most important international standards for the management and organization of events and benefiting from the formulation and implementation of future organizational development training plans whilst supporting the mechanisms of sustainable institutional transformation in accordance with the highest international competitiveness standards. Datamatix has over 28 years of leadership in the organization and management of cultural, media, technological, administrative and economic regional and global conferences and events, and continuing our knowledge journey in achieving organizational excellence and global competitiveness of the region and keep abreast of recent developments and upgrading the foundations of innovation and knowledge management in light of the modern global economy.

The conference will also discuss the latest administrative, media and technological methodologies and the mechanisms of effective organizational communication governance and content development for the events, which contribute to national institutional interdependence, promote excellence and achieve global competitiveness. The conference will also discuss the future of events in the light of technological developments and digital media. The vision of the conference crystallizes on the creation and activation of the best mechanisms for organizing corporate events and achieving sustainable development in the society economically and socially, and enhancing the economic vision aimed at strengthening the foundations and principles of leadership thereby supporting the international standing of the GCC countries in various fields and vital sectors of society.

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