Event Profile

As we all know, the region is witnessing a rapid growth in the construction sector. Global megatrends are changing the construction landscape considerably. It is important to keep on top of the latest challenges and potential solutions to ensure the industry's value chain can meet the demands of the future. In supporting the constructive efforts to boost competitiveness and support sustainable growth in the sector, in order to achieve a balanced and sustainable infrastructure development in line with the best international standards.

Datamatix with much privilege presents this event that will be attended by government, senior construction professionals, economic leaders and experts, aims to discuss the future challenges of GCC construction markets, Quality Assurance for Sustainable Construction Materials and Safety, whilst highlighting future of Cement and Steel Companies and Environmental Challenges thereby shaping the cement and steel industry landscape and taking Sustainable Construction to New Heights.

The event aspires to provide an integrated framework for the infrastructure development and investment mechanism whilst providing support for increasing the efficiency of the construction sector and creating economic opportunities.

Who will attend

  • Trustees, Governors, Directors, Executives and Heads of Municipalities
  • Highest authorities for the Development of Cities and State Officials
  • Officials from Secretariats, Governorates, Municipalities
  • Decision makers from Ministries, Government Bodies and Institutions involved with real estate sector
  • Consultants, Real Estate Developers, Contractors, Architects and Consultants
  • Executives and Experts in Urban Planning, Investors, Executives from Banking & Finance sector
  • Executives from Investment Companies, Fund Management Companies
  • Insurance Companies, Asset Management Companies
  • Economic Development Authorities, City Promotion Agencies & Authorities
  • Urban Planners, Real Estate Owners, Construction Company Owners
  • Consultants, Engineering Consultants, Contractors, Project Management Companies
  • Construction Companies, Property Advisors, Real Estate Solution Providers

Why should you attend

  • Future opportunities and challenges in the GCC Construction Markets and investment sector
  • Strategies to promote sustainable growth in the construction sector
  • Future of Cement and Steel Companies and Environmental Challenges
  • Strategies for Buildings and Construction Development
  • Changing dynamics of Cement and Steel and its Impact on GCC
  • Strategies for GCC Quality Assurance for Sustainable Construction Materials and Safety
  • Future of Cement and Steel Companies and Environmental Challenges
  • Future of the construction sector and major government construction projects
  • Financing strategies and construction project investments
  • Development of long-term strategies to provide finance for construction projects
  • Mechanisms to stimulate domestic and international investment in the construction sector
  • Strategies for creating the next generation of government services in the construction sector
  • Strategies to increase the efficiency and create attractive economic opportunities
  • Projects and systems (BOT) to support the system of construction projects and sustainability

Event Sponsors

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