Event Profile

The conference is focused on exploring new challenges for women in developing pillars of global competitiveness in this era of 5G technologies, strategies enabling women to cope with modern global age developments, strategic importance of advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and IOT technology, The role of women in modern global economic system, the best international practices of the fifth generation revolution across the world and the development of knowledge and innovation management. Looking forward to women's empowerment to support the achievements for sustainable development goals and to strengthen the leadership of women, honor the women contribution towards the most important achievements, and the development of innovative opportunities that supports the future of women in the IT sector.

Who will attend

  • Leaders from government institutions
  • Businesswomen, heads and directors.
  • Leaders from universities and educational institutions.
  • Women leaders from the police and armed forces.
  • Women entrepreneurs and women from international media.
  • Global women's institutions, associations and related organizations

Why should you attend

  • Explore leading technologies of this Era and gain knowledge
  • Meet the most inspiring women leading the technology
  • Gain the priceless advises from innovators and benefit from their experiences.
  • Excellent opportunity to build business networks with various prominent figures
  • Know the advanced technology trends, empowering the women presence in this sector
  • Gain the knowledge vital to cope with business challenges of advanced technologies business challenges.
  • Identify and acknowledge the best practices and achievements in global standardization
  • Meet the Government and Business leaders regionally and globally
  • Demonstrate leadership by being part of the amplest Event for women
  • Learn the tools and mindset needed to develop innovative business strategy.
  • Explore new business opportunities that underscore how women are Empowering change and advancement in technology.

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