Event Profile

In the era of 21st century of technological innovations, growing pressures on freshwater resources are rising by the minute owing to ever-increasing populations, the growing needs of agriculture and other industries, as well as increases in energy consumption and pollution. The age of the ‘smart’ and ‘liveable’ city has made water an intimate bedfellow with other environmental services such as waste and energy.”

Datamatix is pleased to present the, the ‘Future of GCC Dams and Water Conference’ which aims to proactively re-examine and reinforce the strategies pertaining to GCC’s dams and water consumption.  The event is designed to create a platform for stakeholders to discuss real issues and solutions to the energy and water challenges and opportunities in GCC. It will also discuss ways to improved collaboration among local key sectors in both public and private to share information and to forge joint initiatives in order to achieve a sustainable planning for the future.

The conference endeavours to present new and effective technologies for water procurement, purification of drinking and waste waters, water supply, analyses, regulation and control of water sources, modern equipment and devices for the water branch. The conference will focus on different control policies, quality management, analysis of the most suitable technologies, and effective management of power and water resources. The program will feature stimulating presentations, interactive panel discussions and debates on water management issues, policies, technologies, strategies and best practices.

Who will attend

  • Ministers, Deputies and Ambassadors Presidents, CEO, MD, GM
  • Members of Councils, Parliamentary and Corporate Board  
  • Government Officials and Representatives
  • Municipality Management, Urban Planning Officers
  • Electricity and Water Authorities
  • Hydrology and Meteorology Department Authorities
  • Bottled Water Companies, Suppliers of Water Technology
  • Infrastructure/Engineering Consultants/ EPC Contractors
  • Contractors / MEP Providers
  • Operations and Logistics Managers
  • Contract Managers and Procurement Officers
  • Infrastructure Architects and Environmentalists
  • Environmentalists and all other concerned departments
  • Academia and Researchers
  • And many more...

Why should you attend

The event aspires is to effectively provide an unparalleled platform for the regional government and business decision-makers, policy regulators, electricity and water authorities, bottled water companies, hydro-electricity project heads and many other leaders and stakeholders to meet, share their best practices and engage in mutually rewarding discussions, on the possible results of unsustainable water consumption and initiate projects to preserve and conserve water resources for the future generations.

The event will provide update on the region’s integrated water resource management strategy, demand management, water efficiency case studies, contractor and financing models and the progress in the region’s water projects.

Event Sponsors

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