Event Profile

The 2020 summit provides unique platform to appreciate the remarkable achievements that astonished the world since the beginning of this millennium. In this distinctive event the leaders and senior officials of Government and private organizations will discuss the important challenges for economy and business after the year 2020, revealing the strategies to face these challenges and ways on how to implement them. The event will bring forward the innovative and ingenuity strategies on how to face the global challenge of sustainable growth, increase business productivity, development of scientific and technological growth and how to formulate leading global institutions of future.

The conference discussions will pave the path to important strategic steps towards more skillful management approaches to align with global competences in knowledge-economy Era of fourth industrial revolution and fifth generation technologies. The discussions will explain important measures to take at breaking down barriers to innovating technology and promote sustainable knowledge-economy.

Who will attend

  • Ministers, Deputies, Ambassadors, Members of parliamentary assemblies
  • Managers, Decision makers and Executives of government and private institutions
  • Managers and Deans of universities and colleges, involved in developmentprojects
  • Executives, Directors and Heads of departments in government and private sector
  • Managers and Executives in corporate strategic planning departments
  • Managers of IT Departments, Executives of government Projects of Smart cities
  • Managers, Executives and Heads of government strategic planning departments
  • Executives, Experts and Researchers in the fields of economic development and urban planning.

Why should you attend

  • Know what is beyond 2020 and how to handle new challenges of new Era strategically
  • Discover the institutional achievements and modern technologies to align the corporate resources for unseen challenges to come
  • Unfold the next chapter of world’s global competitive customs with confidence by learning strategies from industry leaders in this event 
  • Learn how to align your corporate strategies with knowledge-economy, Fourth Industrial Revolution and fifth generation of information technology
  • Learn the strategies to keep pace with sustainable development

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