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Comprehensive Transformation Towards Integrated and Sustainable Cities 

In the context of the strategic direction towards the Integrated and Sustainable Cities, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the changes in the cities economic structure, technological development, services integration, innovation, and the cities organizational integration and systems development and upgrade where the cities could be the total business and living solutions in the new context of the global trend, and the strategic perspective to explore the cities of the future and transform towards integrated and sustainable cities and global competitiveness.

The conference will be focusing on the city development, upgrading and strategies and solutions that can meet the global future challenges which have imposed itself on cities and communities around the world and highlights the best global practices in the municipal work system to promote the development of innovative, sustainable and integrated cities and provides the latest sustainable urban development strategies and solutions, in the era of Fourth Industrial Revolution, technological development, economic structure variables and integration of institutional systems. The event will also focus on other strategic sectors related to the Integrated and Sustainable Cities and defining the objectives of the future of smart services and measuring the level of progress of municipalities and cities and the most important mechanisms for future investment in the cities in the era of global competitiveness.

In this context, the events will shed light on the strategies that can support the integration of the business system of cities and municipalities to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge in order to build innovative cities capable of keeping pace with global competitiveness. The conference will also discuss the themes of how to develop the infrastructure of modern facilities, smart transportation, health care, city security and safety, corporate governance systems, the comprehensive quality of integrated and sustainable cities and other initiatives that enhance the future and sustainability of the cities. Furthermore, it will explore the future in order to enhance the exchange of knowledge on the most important practices of sustainable development and the global model, to achieve the highest levels of urban planning, integrated management of sustainable cities and smart city services, and to measure the level of progress and future mechanisms in line with the strategies of cities integrated and sustainable in the era of global competitiveness.

As we know the world has recently witnessed the emergence of the phenomena of climate change and cities are currently faced with environmental and climatic challenges, especially with high rainfall and flood levels, so the municipal and cities’ strategic reactions need to be carefully reconsidered and re-evaluated.

Who will attend

  • Ministers, Deputies, Councils and Parliament Members and Board of Directors
  • Directors and Executives in Cities Development, States, Governorates and Municipalities 
  • Directors, Officers, Heads of Depts. of Police and Civil Defense
  • Municipality Directors and Executives and Executive Board Members  
  • Municipality CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Chairmen, Presidents, MDs, Directors    
  • Urban Planners, Project Advisers, Developers and Contractors
  • Infrastructure Architects and Environmentalists
  • Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Green Building Consultants
  • Leaders and Decision-Makers from Relevant Ministries, and Government Institutions
  • Managers and Technicians from IT Departments and Projects and Smart Services
  • Executives and Managers from Economic Development and Urban planning
  • Directors, Executives and Heads of Departments from Business Organizations
  • Managers and Executives in Strategic Planning and Performance Assessment
  • Deans of Universities, Colleges and Officials  
  • Managers, Executives and Heads of Departments of Customer Service and Call Centers
  • All Stakeholders from Government and Business Organizations

Why should you attend

The event is the only conference that provides a platform to engage in knowledge sharing and discuss goals, visions, trends and challenges in making cities smarter and more sustainable. Leading regional and international industry experts will deliver insightful presentations on pertinent topics through keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions.

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