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In the context of institutional changes towards future jobs, skills and knowledge management in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, modern economic structure and modern systems such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies that support the future of knowledge development, institutional innovation and efficiency.

The conference comes with the framework to provide an integrated system that foresees the functions of the future, and how Government organizations are preparing for the Future Jobs that Don't Yet Exist and Jobs that will be redefined and the new administrative strategies on how to accommodate employees in new jobs, according to modern functional models. The conference will also highlight future Government HR Management strategies and the jobs that don’t yet exist and jobs that will be redefined, and learn about the latest HR strategies to enhance career development opportunities and next generation mechanisms for future jobs whilst building strong relationships amongst the government organizations of GCC and Africa, where the west-east and north-south purposively meets and sets the stage for strengthening knowledge sharing and development strategy.

The event will also review case studies and best practices to enhance the integration of the human resources system in Government Organizations and ensure the efficiency to keep pace with digital technologies in light of the developments of smart government and smart cities. The conference is an important forum to discuss the strategies of Government organizations and the role of officials and executives in the leadership of human resources departments towards continuous development, as well as reviewing the mechanisms of developing performance improvement systems, quality and competitiveness indicators and how to best utilize a comprehensive system that supports the sustainability of development to achieve organizational goals and keep abreast of the latest global changes.

Who will attend

  • Managers and Executives in Public, Semi-Governmental and Private Sector
  • Managers, Executives and Officials in Human Resources Departments
  • Managers, Executives and Officials in Training Sectors
  • Managers, executives and Officials in Workforce Planning & Development Department
  • Managers, executives and Officials in Personnel Department
  • Leaders and Executives of Councils and Emiratization Programs
  • Managers, Leaders and Executives in Strategic Planning and Performance
  • University Administrators, Deans, Research & Development Managers and Consultants

Why should you attend

  • Management, Government HR transformation towards the digital future & functions that that Don't Yet Exist  
  • Future Jobs and the readiness of Government Organizations towards Future Jobs that Don't Yet Exist  
  • Future functions that will disappear in the future
  • HR Future Legislation & Laws in the Era of Globalization, Digital Future and Future Jobs that Don't Yet Exist  
  • Organizational Management and Govt. HR transformation in the age of Internet of things and Digital Future

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