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As we all know, today, the global media, technology solutions providers, and experts are presenting blockchain technology and AI, as the future for government and business. Accordingly, these new technologies have been deemed as a necessary component in company’s digital strategies.

In this debate we will discuss whether blockchain and AI solutions are really the future. Is the hype around them, real or fake? The conversation will continue with a discussion on traditional technology and whether organizations today are prepared for these technologies.

This debate is crucial for organization leaders, decision makers and both technical and non-technical executives in understanding, whether or not organizations need blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and whether to continue to use traditional technologies that are widely used in all types of organizations today.

This discussion aims at creating a dialogue around, regional and global strategies and best practices on Blockchain, AI, cryptocurrencies, and how these will have an effect on organizational transformation.

Overall this debate, which will include both technical and non-technical leaders and executives, aims at enhancing overall knowledge of new innovative technologies, exchanging ideas on how to keep organizations competitive in the digital age, and will discuss how to enhance and transform organizations using new technology and innovations.

With a vision of excellence in mind, it is important for organizations to be competitive as current systems and infrastructures are changing to meet changing customer needs. With new challenges in the future, organizations strategies must change to cater to new technological advancements in order to develop innovative standards that correspond with Smart Government and Smart Cities systems. With changing global technologies and variables, it is important to be aware of changing technology and make sure executives and senior management are aware and knowledgeable on new corporate goals and how to approach them.

What will be discussed

  • Are blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) really the future?
  • Is the hype around blockchain and AI, real or fake?
  • Should government be thinking about implementing blockchain and AI solutions? 
  • Should business be thinking about implementing blockchain and AI solutions?  
  • What industries should be looking at using blockchain solutions and AI solutions?
  • What are the shortcomings of these solutions and how should they be addressed?
  • Can blockchain and AI enhance business processes and help accelerate businesses towards excellence? 
  • Are decision makers knowledgeable enough about Blockchain and AI to implement solutions?

Who will attend

  • Ministers, Deputies, CEO and Director General   
  • Directors, Managers and Executives of e-Transactions and e-Services
  • Directors, Managers and Executives, from Government Organizations
  • Directors, Managers and Executives, from Business Organizations
  • Directors, Managers and Executives, from IT and Salutations Providers  
  • Directors, Managers and Executives of Corporate Strategic Planning   
  • Directors, Managers and Executives, from IT Departments 
  • Directors, Managers and Deans of Universities and Colleges 
  • Directors, Managers and Executives of Customer Service and Call Centers
  • Project Managers, IT Developers, Network Engineers, and Security Professionals
  • All Stakeholders from Government and Business Sector 

Why should you attend

  • Learn if your business is in threat by not implementing the blockchain and AI technologies?
  • Know how the organizations resources are constrained by not switching to blockchain-based solutions
  • Should the blockchain solution be used to overcome core security concerns in any business or Government?
  • Is lack of growth capability the future of your business by holding to traditional technologies?
  • It is a prime opportunity to experience the opinions of industry leaders who support and who do not support the idea of adopting this new technology
  • Hear the latest strategies how it will benefit your organization to adopt this technology?
  • Obtain hands-on experience regarding how it functions
  • Attendees will experience the years of knowledge and expertise of the industry leaders
  • Unleash the truth behind the blockchain and Artificial intelligence versus traditional business technologies

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