Program Profile


Cashless national economies are becoming a phenomenon the world over. Cashless economy is the future for the 21st century, but in order to make it work, financial institutions, regulators and banks should join their efforts to move forward with an aim to make all government services and transactions paperless and cashless and without the need for visiting government offices.

The event aims to discuss strategies for envisioning the future of national economy and organizational transformation towards international business, investment management, knowledge based economy and innovation governance in the era of transformation towards blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT-internet of things. The event provides an unprecedented platform to meet, discuss, exchange opinions, network and learn best practices that are shaping knowledge based national economy whilst highlighting national master plan and organizational transformation strategies towards national digital currency and cashless nations and economy.

Who will attend

  • Ministers, Deputies and Under Secretaries
  • Chairman, Ambassadors Presidents, CEO, MD, GM
  • Members of Councils, Parliamentary and Corporate Board Members
  • Managers, Executives, HOD’s from Government and Business Institutions
  • Leaders, officials of economic councils and representatives of international organizations
  • Leaders and officials in chambers of commerce, associations and industries
  • Representatives of Regional and International Organizations
  • All concerned leaders and relevant organizations

Why should you attend

The conference has been designed to deep dive into every aspect of cashless nation and knowledge based economy and to take advantage of opportunities for purposeful networking.

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