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The world is facing increasing urbanization while, simultaneously, major cities have become a magnet for talent and a driver of economic growth. Increasing urbanization is putting more pressure on municipalities to innovate and become smarter. All are competing to be the most liveable for their people, and to do so in a sustainable manner. Datamatix with much privilege presents the, ‘Middle East and Scandinavia’s Knowledge Exchange and Partnership Conference - Municipal and City Transformation and Innovation Development’ that aims to discuss the changing role of municipality in the era of world cities transformation, role models and innovative cities of the future, whilst Highlighting Strategies for Envisioning the Future of City Transformation, Municipalities Development and Cities Innovation and Creativity Governance Management in the Era of Transformation towards Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT -Internet of Things.

The event covers all the aspects of Smart City Development such as Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Smart Governance, Smart Environment and Smart People and aspires to highlight Combining of Digital, Intelligent, Smart and Sustainable Initiatives for Creating a Safe and Secure Smart City in the Era of Global technology, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things thereby to improve infrastructure, increase sustainability and enhance resiliency.

The event provides an exclusive platform for Undersecretaries, Ministers, Government Leaders and Industry experts to address liveable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships bringing together the highest level of stakeholders, in the context of smart cities development to co-create innovative and integrated urban solutions for a more liveable and sustainable future.

Who will attend

  • Under Secretaries, Ministers, Mayors, Government Officials and Representatives
  • Municipality Management and Executive Board
  • Municipality CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Chairmen, Presidents, MDs, Directors  
  • Government and Business CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Chairmen, Presidents, MDs,   
  • Government and Municipal Officials
  • IT Department Heads and Managers
  • sGovernment and eServices Leaders
  • Corporate Communication and PR Managers
  • Urban Planners, Project Advisers, Developers and Contractors
  • Engineers, Architects and Designers
  • Infrastructure Architects and Environmentalists
  • Tech Experts and Innovators
  • Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Green Building Consultants

Why should you attend

The event is the only conference that provides a platform to engage in knowledge sharing and discuss goals, visions, trends and challenges in making cities smarter and more sustainable. Leading regional and international industry experts will deliver insightful presentations on pertinent topics through keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions.

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