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In the modern world, the sector of airports and seaports has become the most important pillar of sustainable economic growth in the light of intensification of global competitiveness. This sector has faced many challenges to reach innovative mechanisms that enable it to provide the best of class services, to achieve pioneering accomplishments and to contribute effectively to comprehensive national economic development. It is the need of the hour to be more innovative to keep up with the modern global strategies, which necessitates building an integrated institutional vision focused on the development of the region to become the leader of the most active airport sectors in the world.

The conference will highlight the latest trends and practices in airport services and the role of strategic partners and related sectors such as customs, airlines, civil aviation, hospitality, air navigation, markets and free zones, police, passport departments and seaports. It will confer the most important global strategies and trends in the future aimed to improve the integration of strategic partners and key stakeholders in the light of modern practices to develop growth rates to the highest level of performance in the era of modern institutional transformation.

The conference will also focus on the strategies of advanced service management related to protection, adopting the best technologies, meeting the challenges of raising the level of services provided and enabling managers and executives to keep up with the development of strategies and global trends in the development of specialized teams also to support the alignment of competencies with the outputs of institutional transformation to achieve the highest level of performance. The conference is an important forum for discussion between officials and executives on advanced strategies in the development of the airport sector towards sustainable development. The conference will review the modern institutional empowerment systems and build competencies capable of keeping pace with the latest developments and institutional practices.

Who will attend

  • Executives, managers and other officials from Civil Aviation authorities
  • Executives, managers and other officials from Airport authorities and associated partner institutions
  • Executives, managers and other officials from Police, Public Security and concerned departments
  • Executives, managers and other officials from the relevant Passport departments and subsidiaries
  • Executives, managers and other officials from Civil Defense departments (firefighting)
  • Executives, managers and other officials from airlines, hospitality and concerned departments
  • Executives, managers and other officials the Air Traffic department and sub-divisions
  • Executives, managers and other officials from the Customs and Seaports Administration
  • Executives, managers and other officials in the Markets and free zones management
  • Executives, managers and heads of departments in Excellence management and Corporate Strategy
  • Executives, managers and heads of departments in Freight forwarding and logistics services at Airports
  • Consultants and Planning consultants at Airports
  • Project Managers, Application Developers and Network Engineers
  • Airport Security specialists and stakeholders from governmental and business units

Why should you attend

  • Prepare to face the Challenges of airport sector’s future
  • Learn the strategic shift of airport advancement towards the future
  • Experience the Latest practices and trends in enhancing operational efficiencies and adapting capacity
  • Modern practices and trends in the promotion and development of services provided
  • Strategies for enhancing innovation and efficiency of strategic partners
  • Strategies for infrastructure expansion, operations improvement and maintenance of facilities
  • Know the next generation of expansion projects in the airport sector.
  • Analyze strategies required for the airport and related sectors
  • Discuss with industry experts and stakeholders the importance of the strategic role in Airports development
  • What Strengthens and enhances the human resources based on modern institutions

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