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We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to your organization for its outstanding efforts and contributions towards the business upgrade and development in the region.

With a vision to develop the pillars of the sustainable business structure and supporting the business growth and achieving the economic competitiveness through the innovative business models that contribute to a competitive economy through the implementation of solutions that support the future business.

‘Datamatix’ is honored to present “The Private Sector's Upgrading Strategy Conference, which will be held on April 21, 2019 from 2pm-5pm in Dubai, UAE and aims to discuss strategies to support innovative business projects and systems to keep pace with institutional transformation towards implementing integrated business practices that are more compatible with administrative and institutional developments with the participation of experts and officials.

The evet is an important gathering to discuss the fundamentals of supporting and stimulating the growth of business and the Private Sector's Upgrading Strategy, linking companies with government institutions, and proving the latest strategies in building a sustainable knowledge economy.

Who will attend

  • Government Officials, Decision-Makers, Business Leaders, Industry Experts and Economists
  • Leaders and Decision-Makers from Banks and Financial Institutions, Investment Consultants
  • Leaders and Decision-Makers from Regional and Global Investment Institutions
  • Leaders and CEOs from Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Leaders, executives and Business Leaders
  • Leaders and Executives from Government and Business Organizations
  • Leaders, Executives, Young entrepreneurs and Investors

Why should you attend

  • Platform for the development of business contacts and partnerships
  • Review the best practices, projects and successes of your organization
  • Support the region's competitiveness on the map of the global economy
  • Opportunity to develop partnership and business opportunities with various eminent persons
  • Exchange experiences and knowledge of common interest

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