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In the context of organizational changes in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new economic structure and modern technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and other modern technologies that support the future of knowledge development, institutional innovation and efficiency and the development of the organizational structure of green human resources departments.

The event comes within the framework to explore the sustainable green HR management in the modern empowerment era and organizational structure to manage change leadership in the face of the challenges of globalization and support the future development of organizational innovation and efficiency with sustainable green human resource management.

The conference will also highlight strategies for exploring the role of green human resources in developing sustainable organizations in the modern empowerment era whilst discussing the latest strategies for refining the specialized skills of green human resources in order to enhance career development opportunities and next generation mechanisms for future jobs. The event will also review case studies and best practices to enhance the integration of green human resources system and ensure the efficiency of the transformation of human resources through green initiatives to keep pace with digital technologies in light of developments of government and smart cities.

The conference is an important forum to discuss the recent developments and future prospects on sustainable green human resource management whilst reviewing the mechanisms of developing the framework of business sustainability through green human resources and how to best utilize a comprehensive system that supports the sustainability of development to achieve organizational goals and keep abreast of the latest global changes.

Who will attend

  • Managers, Executives and Officials from Public, Semi-Governmental and Private Sector
  • Managers, Executives and Officials from Human Resources Departments
  • Managers, Executives and Officials from Training Sectors
  • Managers, executives and Officials from Workforce Planning & Development Department
  • Managers, executives and Officials from Personnel Department
  • Leaders and Executives of Councils and Emiratization Programs
  • Managers, Leaders and Executives in Strategic Planning and Performance
  • University Administrators, Deans, Research & Development Managers and Consultants

Why should you attend

  • Managing the Strategic Shift towards Green Human Resources and Future Functions
  • Strategies for developing the Organizational Structure of Green Human Resources Departments
  • Recent Developments and Future Prospects on Sustainable Green Human Resource Management
  • Exploring the role of green HR in Sustainable Organizational Development in this Modern Empowerment Era
  • Strategies for Digital Transformation of Human Resources through Green Initiatives
  • Green Human Resources Management Best Practices and Policies
  • How does Technology Impact Green HR Practices?
  • Role of Green HR Practices in Creating Organizational Competitive Advantage

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