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Digital globalization sweeps the modern world with changing tides that comes with the rapid growth of technological innovations and the massive upraise of the media sector in the past few decades, which has become the most important medium for the public edification. The emergence of the satellite channels and radio stations has dynamically reshaped the digital media market by playing a predominant role in influencing and creating a significant impact on the mind of the audience. The Pan Arab TV and radio channels have played a significant part in uniting the discrete Arab media market and building a community of cultural identity that dominantly influences various public and political discourses and cultural conventions. The global trends in communication and information revolution has reshaped the concept of developing the pan Arab satellite channels to keep pace with the global standards in addressing various social, cultural, political, and educational matters.

Datamatix presents the ‘4th Pan Arab TV and Radio Stations Strategy Conference’ that aims to address the substantial significance of Arab TV and radio Channels while striking a relativity with the internet television channels that is gaining immense popularity in the modern times and with a deep focus on the influence of various foreign channels on it, that has a very prominent part to play in the shaping of popular thinking and behaviour patterns and the formulation of a framework of public opinion and expression. The conference targets to bring forth the various facets of the digital community that can directly influence and promote a dynamic and intellectual atmosphere that contributes towards a substantial economic and social development.

Who will attend

  • Leaders and Executives from Government and Business Organizations
  • Media Relation Directors, Public Affairs and Public Relations Managers
  • Director of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Communications
  • Director/Manager of Digital Content/New Media
  • Marketing and Public Relations Directors
  • Chief Information Officers & Directors
  • Social Media Coordinators
  • 3rd and 4th Line leaders in Media and Corporate Communications
  • External Relations Executives, Public Information Officers
  • Business Development and Marketing Managers
  • Internal Communications, Digital Communications
  • Digital and Content Marketing,  Advertising Agencies
  • VP/Director of Technology
  • News Directors

Why should you attend

The conference brings together leaders and innovators in media, technology, venture capital and creative content to explore the expectations, opportunities and challenges involved in making investments in new media in the Pan Arab region and beyond. In the race to an all-digital future, it is decisive investment, rapid deployment and flexible adaptation focusing on game-changing technologies that will give news organizations a competitive edge in their TV and digital operations.

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