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In the modern world, the technological revolution has caused many changes in people’s lives, businesses, economic activities and the institution’s operations.shopping portals being one of them, whichconsist of commercial goods fromaround the world.

The expansion of investments in the digital economy especially in eShopping portals, where we can shop from any part of the world on the Internet round the clock away from traditional shopping system, there is no doubt that the global eShoppingportals have a special economic attributeaiming at shoppers globally, especially with the availability of price differentiation and specifications of products, in addition to stores specialized in specific types of goods, and the availability of fast shipping and ePayment services.

As global eCommerce advances, retail markets in the GCC face more challenges. In this context, the official bodies such as Chambers of Commerce, Economic DevelopmentAuthorities, Trade and Economy Ministries, Legislators and other Authorities responsible for organizing businesses, consumer protection and competition rightsshould put in more efforts in providing substantial  solution that can reinforce and protect the national economy. And also there is a need to partner with national business and investment organizations in developing eCommerce and ePayment solutions in cooperation with financial institutions, enabling eShops and offering appropriate solutions to meet these challenges.

Currently, the global eCommerce through eShopping platformis gradually dominating a large fragment of shopping activities in the GCC region. These platforms capture the region's market without their actual presence on the ground or tangible investments that could support the national economy. Selling goods and services to approximately 30% of the total population of the GCC countries. The goods are shipped directly to the region.They offer easy payment methods and fast and safe shipping. The region is facing the challenges of traditional shops which can hardly compete.

The conference aim is to develop strategies and a future vision on the global eShoppingportals and their direct impact on the regional markets and the opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to raise the economic level of the region in order to activate its role in the economic development movement. Also the events will be discussing the most important strategies to protect the national economy, and legislations governing the protection of the national economy from global e-commerce companies.

Who will attend

  • Directorsand Executives from Chambers of Commerce
  • Directors and Executives from Economic Authorities
  • Directors and Executives from Business Industry  
  • Directors and Executives from Consumer Protection Rights
  • Directors and Executives from Financial and Administrative Departments
  • Directors and Executives from Investment Development and Economic Research
  • IT Managers, Government Projects And E-Services Executive  
  • Directors and Executives from Departments of Customer Service and Call Centers    

Why should you attend

  • Global eShopping Portals Impact on The GCCMarket
  • Business Legislation and Laws in the Era of Digital and Knowledge Based Economy
  • Strategies for The Transition to the Digital Economy  
  • GCC Ecommerce Challenges
  • Business and Economic Strategies in the Era of Digital Shopping Platforms
  • Evaluation of E-Commerce Regulations in the GCC Countries
  • Challenges of Data Privacy, Security and Consumer Protection

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