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As we all know, the World is constantly and in supporting the efforts to develop Corporate Communications, Media Communications and Public Relations in organizations under the "Smart Cities and Government" projects to achieve global competitiveness to become the most advanced in international indicators that reflect the measure of progress of peoples And media institutions in the context of the convergence of global civilizations and cultures.

Datamatix with great pleasure presents, “18th GCC Corporate Communications and Digital Media Conference” which aims to discuss latest developments in corporate communications and the development of digital media whilst highlighting latest standards and strategies for effective corporate communication management and strategic requirements for the development of institutional digital media performance, and discuss the importance of developing corporate content to the highest international standards and modern practices.

In the same context, the event will also highlight latest administrative mechanisms of communication governance and content development, which contributes to national institutional interdependence, enhancing institutional excellence to achieve global competitiveness. The event also aspires to discuss important practices in the development of smart electronic platforms and systems to manage the corporate communications and digital media, visions of the future and the challenges of electronic media in light of developments in the era of globalization.

Who will attend

  • Communication Managers & Public Relations Department Officials from Public and Private sectors
  • Contact Managers, Public Relations & Communication Department Managers
  • Editorial Managers, Journalists and Media Professionals
  • Directors and Executives from the Protocol Departments
  • Promotion and Publicity Managers, Heads of Coordination and Follow-Up Media
  • Managers of Events from Ministries, Government Bodies, Organizations and Business Sector
  • Managers and Executives from Customer Service, Strategic Planning and Performance Evaluation
  • Managers and Executives from Call Centers, Public Relations, Marketing and Promotion
  • Managers and Executives of Corporate Affairs and Corporate Communications
  • Managers and Executives in Corporate Strategic Planning and Institutional Performance Assessment

Why should you attend

  • Modern Strategic requirements for developing corporate communications and institutional information
  • Mechanisms to achieve highest level of communication & linkage between mgmt, employees and media
  • Communication Strategies for Media Organizations
  • Future and Challenges of Print Media and New Digital Media Platforms
  • Corporate Digital Content Development Strategies
  • Knowledge of Modern Management and Management of Corporate Communication Networks
  • Essentials of Excellence in Government Media Communication, including Quality of Media Content
  • Evaluating and Analyzing the Performance of Government Organizations Media Communication
  • Weaknesses and Indicators of Success in Government Information Departments
  • Electronic System and Database Communication with Regional and Global Media Organizations

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