Message from the Managing Director:

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our supporters and counterparts: intellectuals, academics, leaders, professionals, experts, visionaries and well wishers, who have supported and encouraged us for the past 28 years.

Our foremost mission has been, and still is, to develop multinational partnerships, construct valuable dialogue with people around the world and foster friendships. We have continuously striven to tear down regional and global impediments and build new networking opportunities between people, cultures and organizations. Although we started as a regional knowledge provider, today the scale of our achievements has turned global. Datamatix events are designed and intended to accommodate with the training and development needs of senior executives, decision makers and the young leaders of tomorrow, in an era of transformation towards blockchain, artificial intelligence and internet of things, immense interconnectedness and globalization.

Our commitment at Datamatix is basically aimed at bringing innovative practices, unmarked thoughts, and modern developments that can make global leadership competent enough to keep pace with the most recent changes. Our initiatives and activities support regional and global governments and businesses, facilitating relationships with international entities across the globe.

Our key aim is to promote continuous growth and innovation in this global conference whilst establishing fruitful business relationship between Middle East and Scandinavian countries and build a strong and sustainable business partnership. The conference aims to highlight innovative organisational working mechanisms, strategic importance of advanced integrated systems such as Block chain, Artificial Intelligence and internet of things, and other modern technologies that support the future of institutional innovation development, efficiency and government sector’s Smart transformation.

These events will help promote the exchange of knowledge in various sectors in order to support the opening of new horizons and contribute in building the future.


Ali Al Kamali,
Managing Director
Email: kamali@datamatixgroup.com

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