The ‘5th GCC Municipalities and Smart Cities Conference’ concluded on Day 3, Thursday, October 1, 2015. The day 3 of the conference also witnessed the awards felicitation ceremony of 5th Middle East Cities and Municipalities Excellence Awards winners’ at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dubai, UAE. 

The day 3 of the municipality’s conference commenced with the ‘Panel Discussion’ in which various speakers from across the globe all-together presented their case studies on- ‘Municipalities Challenges’. The group of panelist said that traffic congestion, road accidents and incidents of rash driving are being encountered by the people every day and it is important for the global municipalities to evolve the strategies whose stringent implementation can lead to reduction in the traffic accidents. The other challenges in this line include the infrastructure challenges, movement and migration of people, resource and human resource management and so on. On the decisive note, the panelist group, said that only through proper planning, strategized outlook and balanced management modules, the municipalities can bring forth the much coveted transformation and withstand the future challenges.

At 10:00 AM, Mr. Raed Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Head of Occupational Health and Safety Section, Dubai Municipality, presented his case studies on the same subject line which comprised topics like ‘Civil Defence, Police and Municipalities Challenges to Prevent Fire in Cities and Up-grading the Public Safety Strategies’. Mr. Marzooqi said that with rapid climate change, and other human evolved uncertainties, the engineers should drive their strengths, potentials and energies in bringing innovation in the architectural designs. Mr. Marzooqi laid emphasis on derivation of strict code of conduct, safety standards, development of futuristic plans for establishing agile architectural designs and transforming the current fire protection systems into pro-active systems. Mr Marzooqi emphasized that fire safety engineering standards should be elevated and integration of technology should be done before hand to provide maximized security to the citizens.

At 10:45 AM, the panel discussion was followed by the multiple communicative notes of various speakers. The topic of the panel discussion was ‘GCC Police and Municipalities Challenges to Prevent the Cities, Provinces and Urban Neighborhood Fatal and Horrific Traffic Accidents’. The panelist group in this sessions, deliberately and in detail discussed about gearing up the policing system and safety standards. The panelist group said that if the security systems in the cities are tuned up and citizens would commence embracing the highest standard of awareness then traffic incidents in the cities will reduce by treble times.

At 11:00 AM, the panel discussion session ended on positive note and  after the break at 11:30 AM, Mr. Brad  Woodside, Mayor, Fredericton, Canada  presented his case studies on GCC Municipalities  and Government Organizations 2030 Challenges to Provide Smart Cities, Provinces and Urban Neighborhood Needs in:

  • Quality and healthy Water and Energy  
  • Safe and Competitive Roads and Transportation System   
  • Advanced and Global Competitive Health Care system 
  • Schools and City Quality Education to create A sustainable cities with knowledge able citizens 

He said that to bridge the lacunae between resource management and government planning, it is necessary for the municipalities to perform the in depth analysis of the available resources, draw the concrete lay out plan for the human resource management, enrich the health care system with latest technology and raise the education standards to the highest level of competence. Continuing his words, he said that the global municipalities are required to do in depth research on every aspect of city’s management system and keep themselves prepared to cope up with the 2030 challenges.

At 01:30 PM, the ‘Middle East Municipalities Excellence Winners’ were accorded with the respective category awards and by 01:50 PM the conference concluded with the lunch ceremony.

The conference is sponsored Dubai Electricity and Water Authority(DEWA), STC, IT BLOCKS, Almarai, Carlsbad Mineral Water, Glen’da, Arabian Farms Development Co. Ltd, and YOKO TRANSLATION

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