The "Datamatix Marketing and Partnership Services", offering successful and high quality marketing solutions and partnership initiatives, in the Middle East region. This service aims to build and foster strong relationships among the organizations and their clients, for future business development and greater opportunities in a wide range of sectors in the region.

These services augment your marketing plans and future business opportunities in the Middle East region by enhancing you market presence to over 1 million clients from organizations in public and private sectors. Datamatix, through its services and vast database, strives to assist your organization in wining more clients in this region.

Datamatix would like to encourage your organization to benefit from these services to optimize your market presence and avail valuable business opportunities.

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Marketing Services

Companies that wish to achieve growth in today's business environment must be able to adapt and keep pace with constant change. They need to find ways to cut costs, while maximizing profits and revenue.

As the region's premier marketing consultancy Datamatix Marketing Services provides high-quality direct and targeted marketing solutions for all sizes and types of companies and organizations. With the contact details of well over 500,000 private and public sector organizations, Datamatix offers clients the opportunity to select or build databases that best suit their needs and accurately target the broadest spectrum of their desired audience.

DMS offers a selection of cost-effective, strategic marketing programs and services that are streamlined and tailor-made for clients to accomplish their goals and significantly increase awareness of their brands, products, and services.

Call Center Services

Our services include total call center solutions providing management of low and large volume accounts. We provide our clients with customized plans that suits the way they do business. Specializing in inbound and outbound call center services, DMS employs well-trained operators and call center agents to manage calls for businesses in all relevant industries. Our operators are equipped with the right tools and experience to promote each company's brands and services.

Direct Mailing Services

Choose from the largest selection of Business mailing lists and telemarketing lists. Over 400,000 organizations and 650,000 contact details of the professionals from private and public sector are available. The mailing lists you select here are Targeted, Accurate, Verified and Complete.

Fax Broadcasting Services

Fax broadcasting is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to generate leads and sales. If you're marketing B2B, you can't beat fax broadcasting for cost effectiveness and reliability. It's one of the easiest ways to get your information out to your customers or top prospects for the lowest possible price.

SMS Messaging

We help our clients mobilize their business, increase their revenues and develop their services through our high-quality, accurate and cost-effective bulk SMS messaging services to reach out to a larger target market easily and cost effectively.

Campaign Management Services

Our experience in organizing thousands of events, which have been appreciated by top regional and global government and business organizations, makes us your first choice. We are committed to helping our clients with everything, from setting a plan to implementing strategies, in order to achieve a successful marketing campaign.

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