Datamatix University Internship Program Profile

At Datamatix, we commit to bringing business and educational practices, fresh ideas along with innovative corporate involvement to improve the University student’s business and career leadership and aim to promote educational development and equip the students with leadership skills and tools. This will not only provide the University with more opportunities from the business sector but also from the educational sector, where the University and students will get the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in the business industry and share their educational experiences, insights, and knowledge with the business industry.

Datamatix University Internship program focus

DUIP is a unique student career development program that aims to promote student recruitment and support their involvement in the business industry and build highly knowledgeable individuals to have a future within the business sector.

Why become a DUIP partner

In today's marketplace, Datamatix believes that universities should not merely deliver education but knowledge and should put extra importance on guiding students to reach their dreams and support them build their careers and future. Especially with the present economy, students have a disadvantage in terms of job opportunities. Organizations require students with insight and experience, and by joining the partnership, you will equip them with those important aspects and shape differentiated students.

DUIP will build the link between the university, students, and the business community and provide jobs and build stronger leaders by building reputation and credibility. At this crucial moment, we suggest you provide the leaders of tomorrow with enough knowledge and experiences to build toward their future.

Once again and with great honor, Datamatix believes that the university should be one of its partners; to create the latest framework for students, promote the university, provide exclusive opportunities; optimize the university presence; benefit from the total hands-on experience for its students, and business publicity along with connecting with a global network of possibilities.

How the University Benefits From DUIP

  • Support students to be prepared for business
  • Networking opportunities within the business industry
  • Provide students with knowledge that goes beyond theory
  • Enable students to gain more focused insight and experience
  • Provide students with tasks that reflect a higher value of understanding
  • Provide students with job opportunities
  • Improve the quality of education that allows students to become part of the business sector
  • Build university credibility status in Business and Marketing
  • Become one of the most successful universities that create tomorrow’s business leaders

How the Students Benefits From DUIP

  • Become a more innovative leader
  • Become more determined to reach future business goals
  • Achieve more personal clarity and results for a future business career
  • Become an excellent businessman/woman
  • Create a pathway to reach goals in the business community
  • Advance communication skills
  • Develop confidence and become an expert in the field of study
  • Provide clear direction in the business industry
  • Become a valuable young leader in the business industry
  • Understand the business processes - how the businesses think, create and use intuition
  • Opportunity to network with business leaders
  • Get a competitive edge over new graduates through intern experience
  • Add new dimensions to develop business skills