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Datamatix eagerly announces and welcomes the submission of 'Presentation Papers' and other case study abstracts to be presented during the conference sessions from various academic and professionally expert and renowned regional and global speakers representing prominent departments like; Modern Management and Leadership, IT and e-Government, Information and Communication Technology, Digital Archives, Customer Care Services, Education and Knowledge Management, Sports, Stock Market, Media and Public Relations etc… that is scientifically and systematically drafted for improving the efficiency of the employees, and developing the regional government and business organizations in accordance with the visions and objectives of the region.

Kindly ensure that you submit your abstracts and papers to our organizing committee at the earliest to enable the committee to make appropriate arrangements for the proper functioning and scheduling of the event.

Abstract submission and criteria guidelines :

  • The papers must be submitted 60 days prior to the event
  • A brief profile regarding the experience and technical knowledge of the speaker must be provided along with the abstract
  • A brief summary of the subject must be provided along with the paper
  • The papers submitted must be authentic and new, and not previously presented during any earlier conference
  • Proposals and suggestions are welcome
  • A summary of the key points of the presentation must be provided
  • Evaluation of the paper will be carried out within one week of the submission
  • The speakers will be notified within two weeks of the submission
  • Presentation slide sets will need to be provided in current versions of MS PowerPoint (PPT) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • The abstracts and final presentations to be mailed at

Audit points for Speakers Presentations :

In the pursuit to make the event a great success and your speech exciting and to send the participants back to their organizations with good experience, we really appreciate the session to be on time and avoid any basic or repeated subjects or topics in the presentation.

Further guidelines to consider when preparing and presenting your presentation:-

  • The presentation must be submitted 7 days prior to the event
  • Make your presentation substantive, not commercial. Limit the use of company/product names. Focus on technical content pertaining to the session topic.
  • Avoid graphics/pictures and contents that add no useful information.
  • Do not include copyrighted material in presentations to ensure originality of the subject matter.
  • Make sure you can keep the documented session within the assigned time limit.
  • Please ensure that while presenting different topics in a presentation there should be a unifying link i.e. the talk should be sequential in nature.
  • Include questions in your presentation, which should be asked at regular intervals to engage the audience.
  • Please try and keep data in visualized form as case studies with pretty charts and graphs which would hold participants attention.
  • The presentation should pertain to the topic of the session.
  • The presentation should be clear, concise and relevant.
  • A summary of the key points of the presentation must be provided.
  • Presentation slide sets will need to be provided in current versions of MS PowerPoint (PPT) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

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