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Conference Profile and Objectives

In the era of Human resources leadership and empowerment, the global government and business industry challenges have made it necessary to adopt the modern trends and strategies to align with organizational changes towards achieving a sustainable future of HR. development. In the context of global government and business and organizational changes in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and other modern technologies that support the future of knowledge management, institutional innovation and efficiency and the development of human resources departments and future jobs as the institutional innovation and efficiency has become an important element of the organization’s growth and competency.  

The conference aspires to share the latest HR Management strategies to support organizations in building the latest organizational HR. department structure that foresees the corporate transformation towards modern business evolutions. It will also highlight strategies for the role of HR. in transforming the workplace into sustainable organizations and provide the best services, whilst discussing the latest strategies for refining the specialized skills of HR. to enhance career development and talent management to face the challenges of the future jobs and to create the jobs of next generation. The event’s framework will explore the latest in global government and business of modern era for HR management leadership change to support the organizational and services efficiency of future development. In this context, the conference will demonstrate the best practices in HR Management role to enhance the integration of HR structure and ensure the efficiency of HR by keeping pace with digital technologies for development of global government and business HR Management.   

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