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Transparent financial information plays a key role in maintaining market confidence, improving efficiency by allowing investors to identify risks in a timely manner, contributing to financial stability and is a pre-requisite in creating premises for sound economic growth. As an effect of market turbulences resulting from the financial challenges, transparency and comparability have gained increased importance for market participants.
Datamatix with great pleasure, in association with its regional and international organizations and partners presents the, ‘16th GCC Financial Markets and Public Companies Conference”, which will be held on December 16th, 2021 in Dubai, UAE and aims to discuss role of transparency and governance towards sustainable financial markets. The event aspires to bring together leaders to discuss the future of Financial Markets and Public Companies. The conference is an international platform for organizations to discuss the renewed efforts to create the best financial regulatory system for businesses, consumers, and investors. 
In conjunction with the conference, the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute would honor the winners with the, “16th Middle East Financial Markets and Public Companies Excellence Awards”.
On this occasion, we request your organization managers and executive’s participation at this conference whilst endorsing your organizational success, and augmenting the objective of establishing a fruitful relationship with the global organizations and leaders at the event. The events would provide an unparalleled platform for companies and leaders to meet and develop collaborative partnerships. 

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