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Conference Profile and Objectives

The realities of globalization, competition, innovation, and digital economy have given rise to a competitiveness movement that presents the C-Levels with enormous challenges and has imposed itself on the nations, communities and organizations.  In line with the global vision of modern perspectives on leader’s leadership, and latest trends of transition from a successful CEO to a Distinguished Role Model Leader, and the mega challenges that the world is facing in regards with the continuous flow of 2nd line CEO’s and leaders.

In this context, Datamatix would like to take an active role in supporting the organizations and leaders in providing the latest knowledge and courage building to face these challenges professionally and to ensure that these challenges are faced with the best Leadership direction to achieve the latest world leadership competitiveness. The events will be focusing on the latest approaches on global vision of modern perspectives on leader’s leadership sustainability and competency models, directions and strategies, on how to prepare the 2nd line CEOs to ensure the continuous flow of leaders at all levels based on global excellence, innovation and competitiveness indicators.

The conference over the last 14 years has contributed towards promoting latest practices and continues its efforts to achieve leaders and leadership excellence and is aimed to sharpen and develop the leadership competencies, to keep pace with the global competitiveness indicators in the fields of leader’s leadership.

CEO’s andC-Level Executives Leadership Sustainability.

  • Sustainability in the Era of Global Competitiveness
  • Strategies for Transitioning to Leaders Leadership Role Models (L.R.M)
Modern Perspectives on CEO’s andC-Level Executives
  • Leaders Leadership Styles in the Changing World
  • Modern Perspectives on Best-Performing CEO’s and C-Level Executives
  • CEO’s and C-Level Executives in the Era of Responsibility (Merit, Specialty, Location, Position and Tasks) 
  • CEO’s and C-Level Executives Courage (Impact of Critical Decision Making in the Era of Responsibility)
Preparing the Next Generation of CEOs: 
  • 2nd Line CEO’s, and C--Level Executives Leadership Demographics in the Era of Responsibility
  • 2nd Line CEO’s, and C--Level Executives Selection Strategies in the Era of Responsibility  
  • Transition Strategies to Transfer to 1st Line Leadership
  • Creativity and Merit in the Era of Global Competitiveness and Innovation and Strategic Leadership

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