Event Profile

Datamatix presents this event that aims to underline and understand the financial behavior patterns of the GCC banking and financial sectors in its housing loan and mortgage programs and focus on its regulatory patterns and operating efficiency to augment the loans quality and finance credibility. The Conference will also focus and compare the relationship between capital and portfolio risk and its collateral negative impact on the loans and financial growth.

The Conference will also draw attention of the financial options available to GCC nationals and how housing finance is currently undergoing a paradigm shift, with GCC retail banks taking on an increasingly important role. The event will also highlight new developments in GCC countries - where a government-owned housing fund has been a leading factor in housing finance, but is now being joined by a competitive banking system.

Who will attend

  • Government housing authorities, policy makers and concerned organizations leaders  
  • Financing organization officials and banking consultants and concerned leaders  
  • Housing developers, contractors and real estate agents and leaders
  • Property surveyors and service managers architectures and construction leaders
  • Insurance agents and officials, environmental and sustainable consultants

Why should you attend

The conference will equip the participants with hands-on knowledge on the framework of loan and mortgage policy in the GCC, its gaining parameters, regulations, and futuristic visions for providing affordable housing to the citizens and nationals.

The conference is also an excellent opportunity for the banking and financial sectors of the GCC to collaborate and devise financial strategies to leverage the functionality and credibility of the GCC housing loan and mortgage policies and to re-pattern their existing systems providing plausible  services to their customers.

Event Sponsors

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