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Distinctly wearing the stamp of a global strategic project financing process, ‘Build-Operate-Transfer’ or BOT has become an irreplaceable requirement of the growing economies, making possible the attempts to catalyze infrastructural development, without an entailing surge in public sector investment or borrowing.  The world today is abuzz with interactions on the varied aspects of BOT, including the various possibilities of maximizing its positive outcome, by predicting and proactively eliminating the possible roadblocks to BOT project implementation and completion.

A mighty step blended with a cardinal vision toward greatly elevating and leveraging  the potential of BOT and examining  it from the perspective of a geographical terrain which is witnessing one of the world’s largest infrastructural developments in recent times, is the ‘Global BOT Summit in Dubai’ being organized by Datamatix, for leading project management professionals from across the region. The Summit is a highly ambitious and focused stride towards highlighting the existing GCC and global investment opportunities, and leveraging the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships between investors, public and private organisations and mortgages and financial institutions.

Who will attend

  • Global investors and project management leaders
  • Global investment organizations’ decision makers
  • Global decision makers from banks and financial institutions
  • CEOs and Chairmen of leading public and private sector organizations
  • Project management decision makers from the Government organizations
  • World Bank, IMF, WTO, OECD and other international institutions
  • Portals, Magazines, TV, Radio, News agencies and printed and e-Newspapers

Why should you attend

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