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In today's competitive, fast-paced and global economy, companies are depending more and more on their Customer care services to drive greater productivity, improved performance, provide lower costs and find new avenues for value, such as innovation.

In line with the strategic vision to raise the efficiency of government and business services by focusing on customer centricity and enhancing efficiency whilst supporting government and business organizations in the development of their services in an innovative way.

Datamatix with great pleasure presents “20th GCC Smart Government and Cities Customer Happiness Conference” which aims to highlight New Directions of Customer Excellence in the era of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and organizational integrated social media systems. The event aspires to emphasize the importance of developing a reputation for Service Excellence organisations by becoming customer-centric. The event will also stress on the Robots replacing humans in customer care services whilst highlighting the pros and cons of automated customer service and if the robots are better at delivering customer service than people?

The event will provide an unprecedented platform for customer service experts from across various industries to share customer service best practices and discuss innovative ideas that have revolutionised their business performance. The event will enable participants to gain insights about the latest best practices, case studies, and business process into tackling the latest challenges in eServices whilst uncovering the various issues, threats and vulnerabilities in developing eCitizens and eCommunity.

Who will attend

  • Leaders, decision-makers from Ministries, Government & Business Org
  • CEOs, CFOs, CTOs/CIOs, VPs and Director of Customer Service Dept.
  • Directors from the departments of: Information Technology, Research and Development, Strategy Planning, and Institutional Performance
  • Leaders and Executives in Strategic Planning and Performance
  • Head Of Strategic Planning And Performance Management
  • Customer Care Excellence Related Executives and Leaders
  • Customer Services Departments Directors, Managers
  • Managers and Executives from Airports and Hotels and Hospitality sector
  • Managers and Executives from Media Relations & Consulting Firms
  • Managers and Executives from Tourism sector
  • Managers and Executives in Public Relations, Call Centers
  • Managers of Corporate Communications, Customer Service, Marketing
  • Managers of Corporate Institutions, Public Relations, and Media Communications
  • Managers, Executives, HOD’s from Government and Business Institutions
  • Officers from the armed forces, police department, senior consultants, and officials from other departments
  • Representatives of Regional and International Organizations

Why should you attend

  • Avail the benefit of expert opinions and advice from the regional and international decision makers
  • Learn more about Customer Excellence Services in the Era of Artificial Intelligence   
  • Know about Customer Excellence Services in the Era of Internet of Things
  • Gain knowledge about Customer Excellence Services in the Era of Organizational Integrated Social Media Systems   
  • Contribute to the discussion on key issues and opportunities pertaining to your area
  • Excellent opportunity to speak and share your valuable experiences
  • Extend collaborative policies in improving the customer care excellence services
  • Gain access to highly insightful talks and presentations dwelling on New directions of Customer excellence
  • Identify and acknowledge the best practices and achievements in global standardization
  • Learn more about creating a framework of customer care and integrated service excellence

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