Amidst an overwhelming response from both governmental and private institutions, the arrangements for one of Dubai’s most acclaimed and anticipated customer care conferences, to be held from 2nd to 3rd February 2016, at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai, are almost complete.  As it has been every year, interest in participation, partnerships and sponsorship are immense this year too, as this annual conference is one of the most sought after platforms where global and regional leaders, decision makers, senior executives and strategists effectively engage in sharing and discussing the latest strategies for customer care excellence, the ways to improve business performance, management of customer relations and best practices in the area of customer service and economic development.


In this extremely positive scenario, Mr. Ali Al Kamali, the Managing Director,  of Datamatix Consulting and Chairman, Organizing Committee, says that the preparations for the Conference are proceeding perfectly, all focused on  to welcoming the participating delegations and institutions from around the world, looking forward to taking advantage of international best practices, and key experiences.


Speaking further on the strategic importance of leadership and participation, Mr. Kamali explained how executives working in the midst of drastically changing developmental scenarios, require the right exposure to similar international platforms,  to bringing in a catalyzed business performance and  building the right partnerships between regional and global institutions.


Recognizing and honoring notable achievements in the arena of customer care excellence, the 10th Middle East Government and City Customer Care Excellence Awards ceremony, conducted by the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, would also be held in conjunction with this Conference.


Mr. Kamali has also confirmed that, irrespective of that fact that the Event is continuing to have an extremely positive and enthusiastic response from across the globe,  the Organizing Committee is still welcoming requests for participation from both regional and global leaders, decision makers and executives having the precise aim of improving their institutional performance, by reinforcing the application of the latest customer service excellence initiatives and strengthening the mechanisms for continuous development in knowledge management and institutional innovation systems, in the background of modernized techniques employed to enable businesses to achieve sustainable competitive standards in the global economy, especially  in an era of Smart Government and Smart Cities.