With women CEO’s, entrepreneurs, decision makers and senior representations from international organizations including the United Nations and global governments, the annual 19th Global Women Leaders’ Conference being held at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, came to a close on March 9th. The Conference organized by Datamatix reiterated strategically its continued and reinforced focus on women empowerment through leadership development, entrepreneurship, knowledge management and capacity building, to effectively enable women face the emerging challenges in an era of modern management, globally interlinked society, and integrated economy.


The Event on the second day began with Mr. Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix, welcoming Ms. Anna Dolidze, Deputy Defense Minister, and Republic of Georgia, to give the keynote address.  Ms. Dolidze’s talk was followed by highly inspiring sessions by Ms. Ebtihal Al Salem, Labs & Quality Manager, Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Co. and Ms. Kawthar Makahlah, Founder & CEO, BCI group of Investment Companies, UAE. The session on Global Conflicts and the Issues Related to Women and Children, was especially noteworthy with talks and presentations by Ms. Elise Bijon, Partnership Manager for Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe & Central Asia, United Nations World Food Programme, and Ms. Fatima Jasem Al Zaabi, Engineer and innovator.


The Conference came to a close with the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, recognizing and honoring notable achievements of global women leaders with the 16th Middle East Women Leaders Excellence Awards.  In a statement Mr. Kamali said that the Conference was a very big success this year too, like the past 19 years, and would continue contributing immensely towards reinforcing the stature of women in the society.