DATAMATIX has announced the organization of GCC Government and Business organizations Golden Jubilee Conference, from 6th to 7th February 2018, at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The conference will celebrate 50-years anniversary of government and business organizations history and achievements to date, and 50 years of giving, development, partnership and leadership whilst highlighting pioneering visions and guidance that has helped transform the region into one of the most world developed regions thereby devising strategies in the direction of Diamond Jubilee.

Mr. Ali Kamali, Managing Director of Datamatix, said, “Over the past decades, the success and excellence of the GCC region and institutions has been admired and praised by all countries, international organizations, global leaders, dignitaries and influencers. The countries and the organizations of the region are constantly making an excellence progress across all the government and business sectors and all fields and constitute an honorable asset, a source of national pride and a global source of appreciation.”

Al-Kamali said that the invitation to participate in the conference and the golden jubilee ceremony for government and private sector organizations is a great opportunity to highlight the achievements of the institutions over the last decades and celebrate the success of the past 50 years. The event not only marks the golden jubilee of the GCC government and business organizations but will also reflect on their role as a leading business facilitators and contributors to the regions’ remarkable growth whilst showcasing the five decades of offering excellent services to the local and global business community while promoting the organizations as leading supporters of the region’s vibrant business environment.

In conjunction with the Conference, the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute would honor government and business organization with the, “Middle East Organizations Golden Jubilee Excellence Awards”, for their outstanding achievements in presence of VIPs, and the regional and international media. The award aims at introducing those who contributed to the successful vision in developing their institutions and taking advantage of regional and global opportunities to achieve strategic objectives in the light of economic changes and challenges.