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11th World Governors and Mayors Congress

20-23 Nov 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Congress General Information

Date: November 20-23, 2023, Dubai, UAE

Participation: Global States/Provence/City’s and Governmental Organization

Speakers: Global Leaders and Experts

Partners: Governments, International Business Institutions

Certificates: All Registered Participants

Website: www.datamatixgroup.com

Contact: info@datamatixgroup.com

Expected Participants

• Parliaments, Senates Chairmen, Presidents, and Members
• States, Provinces, Cities, and Municipalities Governors, Mayors, and Authorities
• Ministers, Deputies, Councils Chairmen, Presidents, and Members
• Local Government Areas, CEOs, Chairmen, and Directors
• Town and Urban Planning, CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, MDS, and Directors
• Town and Urban Developers and Contractors CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents
• Governments CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, MDS, and Directors
• Corporate, CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, MDS, GM, and Board Members
• Police and Civil Defense Organizations CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, MDS, and GM
• Architects, Infrastructure Architects, and Environmentalists Stakeholders
• Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, and Green Building Consultants
• Economic Development Org. CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, and Directors
• All Stakeholders from Government and Business Organizations
• Universities and Colleges Urban Planning Schools

The Side Run Events of the Congress

• The Top 5 World Governors Excellence Award.
• The Top 5 World Mayors Excellence Award.
• The Top 5 World Leading Cities.
• The Top 5 World Leading Village.
• Business and Economic Round Table Meeting
• Digital Cities Best Practices Round Table Meetings
• Starts-Up Best Practices Round Table Meetings
• Global Investors and Business Opportunities Networking
• Cities Best Practices Exhibition and Show Case
• Cities Artists Exhibition
• The Congress Gala Diner
• More to Be Announce on the Event’s Official Website

The Congress Objectives and Profile

The congress is a unique platform that gathers the global Governments, Authorities, States, Provinces, Cities, Municipalities, Local Governments, and corporate businesses and it is a remarkable occasion for governors, mayors, government and business leaders, and decision-makers.

The event will discuss the latest strategies and governance for strengthening tomorrow’s cities' development and integration policies along with the needs of the 2050-Future-Cities growth.

The congress will provide the officials with the city’s leadership, governance, and management tools to share the latest city management ideas and information for the path to the sustainable economic development of the 2050-Future-Cities development and leadership.

The congress will be led by the leaders sharing their point of views across the 2050-Future-Cities development strategies, for the adoption of new skills and to master the challenges of governing and leading in the complex challenging environment of this digital era in building and developing cities.

In addition to global knowledge sharing and the best global practices, the congress provides participants with an exquisite opportunity to build relationships with their peers and like-minded leaders from across the cities globally, as well as the opportunity to deliberate mutual goals, experiences, and challenges in an atmosphere of learning and knowledge sharing.

In this context, Datamatix, in association with its international partners and the support of global leaders, takes the honor of presenting the 11th World Governors and Mayors Congress 20-23 Nov 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the participation of governors, mayors, municipalities, global government, and the business industry leaders and decision-makers.

Moreover, the congress will also discuss the themes for sustainable cities and other initiatives that enhance the digitalized future of the cities. The themes will explore the future of cities to enhance the knowledge of the most important practices to achieve the highest levels of urban planning, integrated management of sustainable cities, and digital city services.

Furthermore, as the world recently has witnessed the emergence of the climate change phenomena, especially with heavy rainfall and flood levels, the municipalities of the cities need to gather and discuss the strategic tactics to carefully reconsidered and re-evaluate the climate calamity.