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With immense pleasure, Datamatix along with its global partners would like to take this pronounced opportunity to appreciate the global Governments, Authorities, States, Provinces, Cities, Municipalities, Local Governments, and Business Corporates, for their efforts and enormous contributions made towards augmenting the 2050-Future-Cities that are developed, integrated and sustainable, while keeping the pace with global competitiveness and the digital economy, where the economic stability is never been a challenge and a question to a better living environment for all.

Authorities around the globe, are striving to build and develop the sustainable cities of tomorrow, where economic stability is never a question with a resilient education system, mobility, sound, and strong resilient infrastructures, a mega metropolis that is safe for residents, a multicultural population where both genders have equal rights, the cities that has hygienic food and water for all income levels of residents, access to law and healthcare is stress-free and a welcoming atmosphere that makes the city shine globally.

In this context, to support the global vision for developing tomorrow’s cities, and to share the future cities development strategies, global best practices, and the latest technology along with global knowledge exchange between the stakeholders at an international level.

Datamatix, in association with its international partners and the support of global leaders, takes the honor of presenting the 11th World Governors and Mayors Congress on 20-23 Nov 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the participation of governors, mayors, local government, municipalities, global government authorities and the business industry leaders and decision-makers.

In concurrence with the congress, The Middle East Excellence Award Institute, in presence of the Global leaders takes the honor of announcing the winners of:

· The Top 5 World Governors Excellence Award.
· The Top 5 World Mayors Excellence Award.
· The Top 5 World Leading Cities.
· The Top 5 World Leading Villages.

On this pronounced occasion, we take the honor of encouraging your Excellency to create a delegation of government, business, and educational executives and other governmental organizations and concerned institutions in your region, to take part in this international congress to support in building and developing the 2050-Future-Cities.

Your delegation’s participation will endorse the true value of knowledge exchange and will open a new business horizon for your regions at the congress and provide the best opportunities in establishing a fruitful partnership and knowledge sharing with the intellectually empowered global cities authorities and business leaders to build a strong global city economic partnership.

We look forward to welcoming your delegation to the congress.

Yours Sincerely,

Ali Al Kamali
Managing Director