Event Agenda

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Day 1 - ( Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022 ) Day : 1
Time Topic
08:00 AM Registration, Breakfast and Networking
09:00 AM
Customer Care Excellence, Innovation and Knowledge Management in the Era of Artificial Intelligence   
  • Practicing and Understanding the Innovation Strategy: Execution – Leadership - Enablers
  • Practicing and Understanding the Global KPI Competitiveness Criteria and Measurement Framework
  • Driving Innovation and Results-Based Organizations with Smarter Analytics
  • Driving More Productivity and Better People Engagement Through Innovation
  • Daily Knowledge Sharing Culture of a Country and Its Organizations
  • Knowledge Management Globalization and Competitive Standardization
  • KM Evolution: Data, Information, Knowledge and Implementation
  • Handling Metadata and Structured Documents; Business Intelligence & CRM
  • Collaboration Technology and Knowledge Management Integration
  • Explicit Knowledge and Tacit Knowledge – Characteristics and Sources
Dr. Usman Zafar
International Board Advisor | Public Speaker
09:45 AM Fujairah Municipality - Modern Development and Innovation
Abdullah Al-Hantoubi
Deputy Director
Fujairah Municipality
10:30 AM
Government and Business Young Leaders and Employee Economic and Social Development

Startup Strategies
  • What exactly is a Startup – Strategies and Results
  • What’s the Difference Between a Small Business Venture and a Startup?
  • The Future of Startup in the Era of Globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The Future of Startup in GCC Region  
  • Strategies For The GCC Startup
  • How to Build a Startup Ecosystem and the Role of Governments
  • Financing for Startups – How to Deal with the Risk Factors
  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture
  • The Future Startup Management Skills the Young Investors and Entrepreneurs Need 
Things GCC Startup Leaders Must Do in the Next Era of Globalization
  • The Start Up Leader – Regional Examples 
  • Developing Unicorns
  • Learning and Practicing the Globalization and Transformation 
  • Learning and Practicing the New Global Economy Demographics
Hanane Benkhallouk
Founder of tawazoun and author of seeds of change
11:00 AM Coffee Break and Networking
11:30 AM Customer Care and Marketing Shift From Traditional to Digital
  • Navigating through Digital Disruption – DMCC approach
Mr.Stephen Kishore
Customer Excellence Director
12:00 PM
New Directions of Customer Care Excellence Services
  • Customer Care Excellence Services in the Era of Artificial Intelligence   
  • Customer Care Excellence Services in the Era of Internet of Things  
Would Government and Business Customer Care Excellence Centers Replace Human With ROBOT 
  • Government Customer Care Excellence vs. Business Customer Care Excellence Services   
  • Would Customer Trust Robot?
Dr. Ahmad Tahlak
01:00 PM Honoring the Winners of the 12th Middle East Customer Excellence Award
01:30 PM Photography and Media Meeting
01:40 PM Lunch, End of Awards Ceremony and the Conference
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