Working From Home System Profile

eSales is a proactive selling approach that Datamatix had initialized to maximize sales operations in real time. The activities held within this area are being referred to as virtual sales department in any other organization that executes exemplary initiatives to sell out excellent real life products and services. Initiatives and programs will vary from marketing and promotion to closing sales agreements.

Datamatix' products and services were developed in the realm in its quest for globalization and excellence that is why various methods are being introduced to solidify efforts and initiatives in the organizations common goal of capturing global markets.

It is not simply selling products and services online with the use of information and communications technology, Datamatix eSales Services is the prime knowledge building virtual storefronts that depicts superior schemes and top of the line technologies in bringing business to business interchange into global reach.

With massive requirements of globalization and acquiring international business opportunities, Datamatix eSales Service is no longer the vision it was once few years back. It had brought awareness and had conquered boundaries as the organization had crossed bridges amidst diversities in connecting various cultures in bringing superior knowledge building products and services.

In elevating the art of selling and leveraging business into the next level, Datamatix brings job opportunities in a well designed and technology infused website that is very simple and hassle free system environment for the general public providing sufficient knowledge of the products and services offered in its fullest potentials in bringing Datamatix' touch of excellent customer service.

Datamatix eSales Services will be the frontier of virtual selling the promotes the cutting edge technologies that pervade the following benefits:

  • Exposure of products and services in to global market
  • Leveraging technical capabilities of virtual sales operations
  • High proficiency of product distribution in global range
  • Transparency in the delivery of products and services