Networking Events

Networking events can be arranged to provide delegations the opportunity to learn new business skills and help each other grow their businesses; we feature a list of titans from various industries who are ready to share their experiences and strategies for success. This will also give a chance for them to learn innovative strategies and develop business relationship. Series of events is created to bring together business and government leaders and professionals to meet with peers, learn innovative strategies and develop business relationship among other industry leaders in the region.

Our networking activities are focused to form strong bonds between members while developing their leadership skills valuable to their organizations and profession. That’s why apart from building network and builds new contacts, advantages will include:

  • Peer support - contribute to others' success and reap the rewards of sharing
  • Keep updated on the latest leadership trends
  • Learn and develop your leadership skills
  • Get business advice and support from other leaders
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Develop your profile and visibility
  • Access to information and resources
  • Meet your competitors, new entrants and market leaders


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